Video Door Phone Abruptly Crumbled

posted on 12 Nov 2013 10:08 by doorbell00

Then he hung up. Know Yamaguchi group killed on the third floor of the forest indiscriminate knifed to kill, he did not see the shadow of wow gold. Yamaguchi-gumi find various rooms in the restaurant to the side, could not find other people, the leader of the North Island Tiger leader to hang to the phone, saying that wow gold is not here. North Island tiger hear startled mind, wow gold is not, then he will go now? He sat in the car, just wondering, street line to video door phone is so charming ah, ha ha - Yin! Gui new eyes are tears, teeth and roared. Yin, a kind of directed at me you, quick release of Huna! Oh, if I let her the following brothers would be very unhappy, so I really do not help you, you listen to it slowly! Then he will call on the ground, the name refers to the ring, into the party hall, open the CD machine, writhing dance. Others cry from the tragic, for him to catch a memorable experience. He put his childhood misfortune, blame the whole world.

Whenever you see someone else's misfortune, it will make him feel strange pleasure. Vehicle. Looking hand phone, tearful Gui Xin, Zhang Long frightened and asked. Gui-xin, how? Gui new no answer in his eyes, that grief stricken and powerless Xiufen unbearable pain, would anyone looked sad. Ye Crash! Phone in his hand and he turned abruptly crumbled, Gui new sudden wail loudly, break out crying. Men do not light, as only grieved! Humiliated his wife dead childs pain, not to mention the new Gui, replaced by anyone not stand. Under attack in the Yamaguchi-gumi, Jin Lin could not withstand more than thirty men, was forced to retreat again and again, retreated to the second floor from the first floor, the number reduced to twenty people, when they retreated to the third floor of the Time, only a dozen people, Jin Lin stood behind his men, stop shouted. Hold on! withstand ah! while talking about his side to wow gold call again and again for help. Wow gold answered very simple, just indifferent to. Well, I know!