Video Door Entry Of The Circumstances

posted on 13 Apr 2013 12:38 by doorbell00

A moment video door phone, shook head, the first not to think, he asked, seemingly random. Recently, seven drugs to help sell? Wang Hailong smiled and said. Sell very Shuanga! The absence of competitors, and the following demand is so big, yellow Bunraku wild speculations, this time, the pocket regarded earn full! video door bell lengthy laughed. Dragon, you go back and ask yellow Bunraku, if he wants to continue to goods, I can also give him the same price. Wang Hailong heart surprised, Vietnam is in short supply, was able to provide a white powder, yellow Bunraku, of course, be happy to receive, but East brother then took the opportunity to raise prices, may be surprising. He reminds us. East Brother, now is a good time to make a small fortune! Video Door Bell shook his head, said. I continue to provide white to yellow Bunraku is conditional. First, the amount of his purchase, at least twenty million on top of the second, my side need him to continue to fight against Sirius help. Wang Hailong Stern said. Which considered the conditions! Now Huang Bunraku tasted the sweetness of the East Columbia more goods he certainly pleased combat Sirius help of his own is good, the East Columbia does not make such a request, he will do so.

Video Door bell waved his hand and said. Do not say that, I understand, Dragon, I mean to convey it! All right! Wang Hailong did not understand the meaning of Video Door Bell's, but since he said so, and certainly there is his purpose. Video Door Bell is a wise man, this is Wang Hailong absolutely believe. Video door bell is in desperate need of money, the amount of dumped goods is thrown, rather than price, if the asking price door bell is too high, I'm afraid yellow Bunraku eat could not eat. On the evening of the same day, Wang Hailong after dinner left, fly to Guangxi, ready to return to Vietnam. He left shortly after to bring an important message to the video Door Bell sensitive. Green Gang one of the ten knife. Known as the beheading knife known as the Tie Ning. Tie Ning is not old, but it is a veteran of the Green Gang, in his early thirties, he the Green Gang seniority than the door entry Systems to be higher than two generations. Although his Green Gang is one of the ten knife, but his own organization, the name of the prison hall, gathered a large number of elite international mercenary organization, internationally famous assassinations and a bounty headhunting.

Tie Ning erratic movements, little chance to show his face in Taiwan and the mainland, but in the West, the name of the head of the prison Church even louder than the Green Gang. Prison Church took over the task, and rarely failed. Sensitive said. Tie Ning is not one person came back, he also brought a group of men. These people can be regarded as the multinational force, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, the United States, Europe and so on! Yuehua Jian, she took out a stack of photos, handed the video door bell. Video Door Bell took a picture look very clear photos, inside the characters are mostly positive, unaware of the circumstances of shot. As the sensitive said, inside which country has yellow skin, white skin, black skin everything a lot. He watched and nodded, a strong ability to adapt to the role of sensitive ah, the North freemason intelligence agencies under her management is getting better. See the last few photos inside doorbell.