Three And Others Door Bell

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The car down, the roadside woods suddenly sprang a shadow. Three, high-strength, Li Shaun trio reaction very fast, almost at the same time showed the guy. Do not get me wrong, I am! Shadows come everyone near, repeatedly waving. Thirties like this man, little older in five short stature, sparse hair, painted hair oil, hair comb to the back of the head, impeccably polished. He with the vice black-rimmed glasses lens reflex moonlight, flashing light from time to time. Listen to the sound, video door phone determined that he is the man to call their own. He patted the three people arm, motioned them not frivolous, then took two steps forward and asked. Koyamada? Yes, youth calmly smiled and looked up and down the video door phone for a chuckle. You should Mr. Xiao is a video door phone eyes deep, bluntly asked. Jive Ding where? One hundred and thirtieth chapter Mr. Xiao Do not worry, I'll take you to see a person. Koyamada said Xiao he.

Video door phone is squinting asked. See who? Small Yamada XiaoErBuDa and said. Come with me! Without looking at the video door phone brought everyone turned and strode went to the woods. The hearts of the video door phone sneer, and subsequently with the past. The time is not long before the line, through the dense woods in front suddenly appeared door phone a radius of several hundred meters of open space in the open space in the middle of a small villa, courtyard, two-story Gulling stands in the night. Small Yamada went to the door, stopped stature, video door phone laughed. Mr. Xiao. (Minong the hand fight Edition) video door phone to a small villa has been broadly looked at it again, and did not see any abnormalities. He triumphantly head, said. Mennen it! He had hardly faded, villa door opened, two burly chap from the inside out. Two are inch head, burly, looks ferocious, even when wearing a suit, still gives an extremely murderous.

Three and others subconsciously hands on his waist, as long as any accident, everyone will pull out the weapons for the first time. The (the Minong hand fight Edition) Yamada standing by the door stoop waved. Mr. Xiao, come in please! That is, to them, the security and more! Would like to not think of the video door phone strode into. Do not look at his age, tall and thin, but in the face of the Yamaguchi group this large gang are discharged into the top five in the world can show amazing boldness, made Koyamada Winze endless secretly nodded, praised Road. Worthy is the oldest of the Northeast, it really excels. The small living room of the villa is not. Were filled around the black Han, sitting in video door phone.