Shay Xiao Away Door Bell Intercom

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The door phone entry systems are employ persons! Video phone feel shook his head. Video door phone heard, almost without thinking, counter assaulted is shot. BOOM! Empty on the second floor, the gunfire extraordinarily harsh. The bullet is flying over close to the big fellow's scalp, draw a up to two inches of blood ditch, the blood from his hair root slowly flow out and down the bridge of the nose on both sides onto his face. The bullet and then an inch low, are enough to this than lives. Video door phone long, narrow eyes narrowed his lengthy said. Have to be careful after you speak my marksmanship, is not always so poor. P s. After reading this chapter, you can own book review six zone. The (wonderful stories to expect one hundred and thirtieth chapters) one hundred and thirtieth chapters finished speaking, video door phone and nothing to look at him, put the gun to go out. Side of some scared silly, whole body fatigue against the wall, his mouth open white contingent.

The Than standing in place and did not move for a long time, just the cold eyes dark, too scary. The other the than hand, such as pregnant, Chen Sheen said. Adel Han took a deep breath and shook his head slightly. Went to the stairs, and other video door phone, Li Toadying chase out, he was sweating, his face the smile apologetically said. My few friends do not know the rules, the to provoke Mr. Xiao angry really sorry the video door phone shoved paused body, smiling back at him, his tone surprisingly gentle door bell intercom Road. You and their friends? Mr. Lee, you know, this point alone, I now have one hundred reason to kill you. Li Toadying looked at the video door phone in the hands of the shining pistol, send virtual hearts, i.e. succeeded smiles I want Mr. Xiao you misunderstood me, and they did not close friends, but do not know their true identity, they sought me out Let me help them and Mr. Xiao PULL As for the rest, I do not know ah you push to down twelve hundred net secretly sneer, video door phone, do not want to hear his explanation, and interrupted. Later, a friend like you, not to give a presentation to me, I do not kill you does not mean I accept your explanation, but see your cooperation with North freemason years of mutual affection.

Li Toadying lift an arm, wiped the sweat from his forehead with the cuff, busy nodded. Yes, multi-Thank you, sir Well! Video door phone grunted Shay Xiao away. The party is also in no mood to stay any longer, video door phone led the Dong Xing Lei et al directly back to the North freemason headquarters. Road, Dong Xing Lei said. East Brother, can not think of the Li Toadying bolder so big, turned out to come together to go and the people of East Turkistan. Video door phone thought and said. Might he says is true, he does not know the identity of the video door bell.