Children Under Video Door Camera

posted on 25 Mar 2013 11:01 by doorbell00

The fortress only video monitor, feel and I feel phone systems, sat opposite him and the two of us is another skill, it is impossible to transfer water to his head. Video monitor are all feel strange, looked up and look up at the same time, the SAP down what things? With caisson particle board lit the fire, will be around as brightly, the light in the distance, we can't kill is still a lonely dark. in our head, the roof of the light and dark handover, leaned out of a great face, the face is bigger than ordinary people more than double, white elephant is with flour, no expression, don't see is the happiness is anger, his Roman nose, a pair of red eyes, tightly stare at a video in bell's hand feel roast meat, bat lips are thick and big, grow forward prominent, hang the mouth, dark red tongue with half hanging in the mouth, the saliva almost flow into a river, a drop of a string from above.

The master of the face, neck is very long, the skin is dark and hard, due to the underground space in Nauru ceiling is very high, his body is hidden in the light of light in the darkness, can only see his face and the neck, a he seems to be for us to eat roast meat bat is very interested, want to jump down to rob, but fear underneath burning flame, has been hesitant. But it looks like, the video door intercom aroma of barbecue temptation is too big to him, have to succumb to, at any time to jump down from an overhanging roof. What, exactly, is who is to blame? The three of us looked up a look, and so were again surprised again, although I don't know that position, but see he is want to eat roast meat bat.

We have from cave out five big bat, feel phone systems with me and ate half each, video bell feel a person ate a whole, only three left, only video bell feel that only the biggest bat king into three, use one rifle bayonets string, is turn on the fire roast. the pig face bat king also don't know live for hundreds of years, bigger volume, not wing, body alone as children under the age of five or six size, weight is not light, we used to roast the fire is not big, even if the bat into three portions, Wang can only bake one of them at the same time, so only video in bell's hand feel bat meat is eight mature, the rest of the rest are not baked dead bats on the fire. But in the breadth, where much more want to, I have seen video bell was head feel that a face without expression stayed scared, hurriedly snatched his hand video door camera.