Township Side On Outdoor Camera

posted on 20 Mar 2013 11:02 by doorbell00

That is a dig to the coffin undertaker to the queen mother. China for indoor monitor excavation is protective policy, was never initiative to explore, only factors such as construction, earthquake, grave threat to the indoor monitor, will send archaeological workers go to the scene for a search. lama ditch beef heart mountain of liao dynasty indoor monitor is belong to the nature of the earthquake in mountain, revealing the dungeons, inside a few years, along with the archaeological excavations of the task force has been unearthed more than three thousand cultural relics, and finally a underground layer of mysterious veil, is going to unravel. but, at the time of just digging underground layer 7, village eh bargain stage people back to the post of the camp, everyone to celebrate, let people call to work at the site of the family.

They find steward said want to take a few days off, at ordinary times the progress of the time is pressing, manpower is not enough, in addition to at the feast, not batch of false, that day just is the tie, dungeons have been unearthed in the last layer, there are no major lived, steward of quasi everyone off, leaving only the archaeological team of a dozen people to clean up the seventh layer of underground. works in related people, front foot walk, hind feet indoor monitor are collapsed, the earthquake that year, mountain crack is from bottom to top, the top of the waterfall is dried up, and from that hour the mountain cracked parts, maybe is hollow mountain, bear pressure after cracking and outward diffusion of tension, and may be task force in the mountains to dig too deep, serious landslide accident happened, it was also clear in it were buried coffin 11 archaeological team inside. It across more than a half day to post to post to camp, we only know the mountain collapsed, boring for many people, from here to lama groove to go half a day's journey, knowing that to also won't emergency, but it can't snub, buried after all those below, are the comrades working among the organizational sent down. township side on a team, a sent notification flag in clinics.

Video bell feel have also joined in, and I dig for two days and two nights in beef heart mountain, everyone is dead, the flag in the leadership also came here, a look at specified didn't saved, finally only can do is to dig out the corpses of the victims of the burial. this matter how much some catch in it somewhere, mountain outdoor camera.