Door Phone For The Gang Jokes

posted on 11 Mar 2013 14:07 by doorbell00

Cheap door phone systems willing to, you don't want to live out of the text east will step! Youth not ignore Chen Baicheng that inadvertently reveal the evil and a cold in the heart, turned his head is no longer speak. Youth, such as left, tossed, bell to three eye feel. Which help find brother followed him, and see if he was sent to. Well, I understand. Third eye immediately to Chen Baicheng make eye contact, the hey hey smile, quickly out of the room. Three eye will feel bell finished invitation picked up, look again carefully, eyebrows is wrinkly to knit the wrinkle, wen said. The east elder brother, the so-called party, that is a trap, we still don't go to the good. Bell feel shook his head and said.

If I don't go, will be the rest of the gang jokes, friends will laugh at us courage small, so I have to go. Third eye. If the east elder brother want to go, I also went to. Bell feel way. Home side need someone to swing. Third eye. Will can pin array's brother has a lot of, don't sent me a. Bell feel shook his head. Each other this time invited me, ChiZhun I have to go to the point of view, on which there must be a risk, if I had a accident, community and to support you, if we both had a door phone systems accident, the society also can rely on who? Third eye in the heart a tight, his eyes sour, bite lips, he said. Do brothers. For riches and honour not only, more should be sharing, my eye will never let the east elder brother a person rushed in front. This is brother, when the bullets fly, he would rush to the front of you, and won't shrink back to let you go to a bullet. Ha ha! Bell feel on his laugh, patting your third on the shoulder, said. Just 24 7 once, dangerous, of course, is yes, but a mob and the mob one hundred together there is no difference in essence, they alone, want to hurt I'm afraid I haven't so easy.

Eye spirit a flap, cleaners flashing eyes, this is the bell feel, no matter what time, face to what kind of enemy, confidence is happy, he doesn't seem haughty, but if it is really crazy, is the kind of person who singer Lao tze also don't put in eyes. A city distance D city not far, but don't close, need A few hours by car. 24 gang union invited bell feel more than just a person, this time three all powerful gang eldest brother, local ladle traverse to the child, are they invited range. The location of the party in indoor monitor.